• What is Expand My Business?

    Expand My Business is a dedicated B2B service aggregator platform for commerce of services between businesses. Find the right kind of businesses for you to partner with, from a verified and authenticated source and save your time by finding the right business for you to partner with the help of ExMyB’s vetted ratings and reviews.

  • Join a growing network of 5000+ businesses and expand your reach to businesses all over India. Be a part of highly rated service vendors (if you are a seller); search amongst curated and highly qualified profiles that are the right match for you! Help your business generate interest from businesses all across India!

  • With the help of our unique algorithm, finding a business to partner with has never been easier. Simply search for what it is you are looking for, and let ExMyB find the right partner for you! Good reviews on a sellers profile go a long way, as it helps prospective clients make a decision on which vendor to choose. A combination of our proprietary technology & human assistance ensures a seamless experience for you.

  • All businesses that are looking to partner with businesses for meaning and specific service requirements.

  • No, ExMyB does not assure any minimum specific amount of business, but it makes sure to continuously actively look out for demand and service requirements from companies all across India.

  • Get access to high quality businesses and qualified profiles with transparent reviews. There is only one agenda on ExMyB - to do business the right way! Our customized and tailored results will be built specifically to serve your business with the most suitable business partners.

  • No. ExMyB only gives you the set of most relevant results for your business to benefit from. After that, it is the individual's responsibility to proceed further. However if a consistent low rating is marked against any vendor, the quality team of ExMyB looks into the matter and action is taken accordingly.

  • No, ExMyB does not charge anything on the transactions done between users.

  • None! ExMyB incentivizes users on doing more business. The more you transact, the more clients you receive, and the higher the rating of your profile over the platform!