About Us

All Startup things at one place

ExMyB is a Platform which connects visionary Investors with SME'S, Early-stage Start-ups and even established businesses. It is an exclusive cross connection platform which helps one connect to different options at a single point destination and hence helps you connect with potential business opportunities through various channels.

Driven by a team of very trust-worthy and certified group of people, ExMyB keeps in mind the benefit of the involved parties. ExMyB offers a user friendly interface so that no obstacle can restrict a business from expanding, making it a one of a kind platform. The primary motive of the company is to facilitate trade and build a strong business network among the community. ExMyB helps one connect, grow and expand in the business space no matter how big or small you are!

How we Work

What we Offer

  • Verified Investors and Businesses.
  • A cross connection between various people to find potential business partner(s), deals or and investors.
  • Customised solutions for specific business requirements