Job Description

We are looking for a person to join immediately who is passionate about product-related executive functionalities and would like to manage multiple responsibilities in product management teams. This role includes high ownership and accountability of the tasks and would be a cross-functional role where the individual might work with members and coaches to help crystallize product vision.

As Head of Product, you are responsible for taking Future's strategy, product, and execution to the next level. You are required to work closely with design, data, and engineering leaders to ensure projects are properly prioritized, scoped, and the execution is smooth and hassle-free.

ExMyB’s vision is to create a strong ecosystem of networks and emerge as the industry leader in B2B procurement services! We are determined to build relations within the industry and make ExMyB the ‘go to’ solution for a wide range of clients worldwide in the B2B tech service industry.

We make big deals happen with our value system based on 4 H’s - Hard Work, Honesty, Humility and Headstrong!



  •   Carry out thorough customer research to understand consumer needs.
  •  Maintain a detailed understanding of performance team needs within the product.
  • Develop, communicate and drive forward a product vision and strategy based on research.
  •  Design and prioritize projects using that vision and strategy.
  •  Drive decision making among product, design, engineering, and key stakeholders.
  • Build a clear product roadmap for projects that clearly outlines key metrics.
  • Create and convey project goals, requirements, and constraints at a team and executive level.
  • Work cross-functionally to execute on project goals.
  •  Adapt your role to the needs of any given situation.
  •  Focus on shaping the product development process as the company scales.



  • At least 5 years of product management leadership experience.
  • A track record of execution and delivering results.
  • A customer-oriented approach and an eye for detail.
  • An intuitive grasp of our customers, coaches, and overall business needs.
  • Extremely proactive and able to get things across the finish line.
  • Excellent organization and prioritization skills.
  • Experience of successfully working in cross-functional teams.
  • Data-oriented decision making.
  • Able to shine in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

What can you expect?

  • An agile and collaborative work culture with great ownership opportunities
  • Strong ownership expectations
  •  Working with some of the smartest and lucrative individuals
  • Strong ecosystem with cross-industry work possibilities
  • An environment driven with the “doer” mindset and high performance
  • A shot at building collaborative relations and alliances with key stakeholders
  • Working with global entities to offer time and cost efficient solutions


Your Growth at ExMyB

We strongly believe that an individual motivated to constantly learn can grow into a refined professional with hard work and commitment. At ExMyB, we constantly enforce a positive work environment that encourages you to go one step further than what you are and reach your highest potential by exploring and engaging in company relations, collaborations and alliances and allowing you the freedom to explore beyond boundaries.


Job Summary


Seniority Level

As per market standards

5+ years