Is Shopify Mobile-friendly?

When it comes to creating online businesses, Shopify is one of the most used e-commerce website creating platforms. It offers many automated options and features to facilitate the process of creating your online business and hosts them on its platform. However, given the current demands and trends of the market, you need to create mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive websites. According to Global Web Index reports, 87% of people in the US access businesses using their smartphones and to be successful, it is of utmost importance to have a business that is not just accessible but also works well on phone devices. 

Now, coming to the question - Is Shopify mobile-friendly and can it help you create a multi-platform website? 

The answer is – Yes! Shopify comes with multiple features to help you make your businesses a multi-device platform and contribute to the growth of your endeavour. Shopify offers a diverse range of themes, templates, as well as layouts that you can apply while creating your store and make it more mobile-responsive. 

But when we talk about Shopify websites being mobile-friendly, an important question that pops up is, why do we really need a mobile-friendly website or store? Here’s why. 

Why is it important to have a mobile-friendly website?

Some business owners often consider creating a mobile-friendly store as an added pressure not just on the management and workforce, but also on their financial resources. However, a mobile-friendly website is essential to increase your success rate. Reports by Elevation Marketing have revealed that 40% of revenue generated in B2B organizations is through mobile usage. Here are some reasons for the same:-

  • It is more convenient for your customers to order from your store and do business with you at any time and from any given place. 
  • Customers are less likely to face technical issues and you are less likely to receive customer complaints and negative feedback.
  • The leading search engine, Google, defines policies that make it essential for websites to be mobile-responsive, as per its algorithms released in 2015. 
  • Customers are not interested in accessing websites that are not easy to access on their phones and tablets and the ones where they cannot switch between devices. Having a mobile-friendly website can thus increase the conversion rate of your business. 

If you are still unconvinced, here’s a stat that may change your mind: Think With Google has revealed that about 91% of buyers make purchase decisions after seeing ads for the desired product(s) on their mobile devices. 

How to get started with a Mobile-friendly Shopify Website?

Having a website on Shopify which is accessible on mobile devices allows access to products, other features such as carts, checkout pages, etc. on phones easily. If you have just started using Shopify, the first thing you need to do is select an appropriate theme for your website. 

Shopify has several free themes to choose from that can be selected depending on the degree of responsiveness you are looking for. Remember though, not all the themes are free. These themes can give you an idea or preview of how your website will appear on a phone’s screen. Once you have seen the way your website would turn out to be, you can then accordingly make further decisions. 

Selecting the Right theme – While selecting the right theme for your Shopify website, there are some essential factors that you need to consider. Here’s a list of things you must do when choosing an appropriate theme for your brand:-

  • The theme should be in accordance with the nature of your brand and the products and services you are offering or selling.
  • Themes that load quickly on mobile phones and offer good speed in carrying out other processes are important.
  • Select themes that do not have very tedious and complicated payment options.
  • Select themes that have a simple design and user interface.
  • Choose themes with appropriate colour schemes and the ones that match your brands.

How can you make your Shopify website more mobile-responsive?

Research conducted by Clever Tap revealed that about 50% of buyers initially begin the product search on their smartphones. Here are some important steps that you must follow if you want to create a better user-experience when taking your business to mobile devices:-

  1. Ensure that you perform optimization with tap targets. These include giving appropriate dimensions to the important buttons on your website to make it easier for users to carry out their purchase.
  2. The navigation on your website must be simple and quick. To do this, you need to reduce the number of navigation layers on your store by limiting the menus to a single level or centralized content. Hide the menus under toggle-buttons because there is limited space on mobile devices.
  3. Work on the display of text content. Make sure you do not put too much text on display. The fonts chosen for the text should be traditional and clear to read and font size should be big enough for easy reading.
  4. The CTA button for your business should be visible on your website at all times. No matter how further the customers move into the store while navigating, make sure that the CTA button is visible through all layers and pages.
  5. The main navigation bar should also be accessible at all times, besides the CTA button. Other essential bars on display include ones that take the customers back to the home page and a checkout bar/link.

Top Mobile-Responsive Themes on Shopify for 2021

Here is a list of the top picks of Shopify themes for 2021 that can help you make your store mobile-friendly:-

  1. Emigo: Emigo is a Shopify theme classified as “response-ready” and it means that you don’t have to put in extra effort to create a mobile-friendly website. It comes with a variety of homepage layouts to choose from and is SEO friendly. However, it does not have a drag-and-drop feature.
  2. Wokie: It is another flexible theme on Shopify that is laced with features for your mobile-based store. You need not have any additional tools when using Wokie and it has dropshipping optimization but it can be difficult for beginners to use.
  3. Active: Active is a premium mobile-responsive Shopify theme that offers a completely responsive layout with 24/7 support services without additional charges. Active is the best theme when it comes to speed and stability of online websites and stores, but it has limited options for customisation.
  4. Universe: It is one of the most widely used themes when it comes to mobile-friendly stores because of its amazing customization features and easy and convenient use. Non-developers can also use this theme without any difficulty but it is really expensive as compared to other themes.

We hope that the article cleared all your doubts about Shopify being a mobile-friendly platform.  If there is anything else you are looking for, do reach out to us and we will be back with an answer for you! Tell us about your experiences of using Shopify in the comments below.

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