Important Tools to Use for Improving Your Content

If you own or administer a website, though, you should be aware of the necessity to keeping your content relevant and user-friendly. It may be simple to recognise that your website requires content assistance, but resolving it is not as simple as typing extra text into a Word document. 

Whatever modifications you make, make sure they have a good impact and are in line with your website’s objectives. But how do you know your improvements are better compared to what you currently have on the website?

Before you begin any work, you must first determine what is currently happening with your website: How do people find your pages? What are the most popular pages among users? What is the user’s perception of your website? Considering the present state of your website’s condition and performance will assist you in making rational decisions about how to address matters.

In this piece, I would want to discuss some of the tools available to assist you improve your content. The amount of information you can obtain from these tools will vary depending on your level of familiarity with them. Using these tools in your daily life can help you improve your content marketing strategy and grow your bubsiness. 

These 10 tools, on the other hand, are excellent starting points if you want to improve your content and track the success of your website.

10 Important Tools for Improving Content 

Google Trends

Do you want to know what is hot in your niche right now? Or perhaps you would like to compare two prospective topics to see which one is more popular with your target audience? Google Trends is the free tool you have been looking for!

Every article begins with a concept, and that concept begins with a keyword. A keyword with the most searches is more likely to produce a worthwhile article, which is where Google Trends kicks in.

Google Trends can reveal to you how often a search item is typed on the Google search engine. It can also provide you with valuable information on consumer interest and a search volume index that shows you which ones are trending.


Evernote is a good app for scribbling down thoughts no matter where you are. You must be prepared for inspiration to kick in the most unusual of locations and at the most inconvenient of times. Evernote also syncs across many devices and allows you to collaborate with other team members. You could, of course, use an old-fashioned notepad to scribble down your thoughts.


Clearscope is a content optimisation tool for SEO that can assist you optimise your content so that organic search traffic comes right to your domain. This tool assists you in creating incredibly relevant content for your audience by ensuring that your content addresses all of the necessary subtopics that your rivals are exploring.

The Clearscope Google docs add-on is one of the most useful features of this tool. This add-on enables you to use the tool while producing your content in Google Docs rather than on the site itself.


The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is particularly useful for writing headlines that grab the reader’s attention. The title of an article is the only thing readers see when they conduct a Google search, so it must be informative and intriguing.

To help you do this, CoSchedule’s tool provides you with an SEO score and shows you how effective it is at increasing website traffic, generating interest, and increasing engagement.


Grammarly is the best tool for proofreading any type of text. It is a writing assistance tool that helps you fix grammatical errors in your text. It makes context-specific suggestions depending on multiple types of writing. Grammarly ensures that everything you write is coherent and error-free! Also, it identifies errors in your sentences instantly and makes suggestions for improvement.

Grammarly’s free version lets you fix faults in grammar, word usage, and punctuation. The paid version of Grammarly, on the other hand, is a wise purchase if you want to make your writing a top notch.

It provides more specific details and detects more writing problems, such as phrasing, verbose sentences, and misplaced prepositions, in the paid version.


Canva is one of the most widely used design tools. It includes a variety of templates for everything from social graphics to infographics to assist you in creating simple, unique visuals to complement your other content. Canva has the advantage of being incredibly simple to use, especially for beginners.

There is also a free and premium version available. Some of the visuals are restricted in the free version, and due to its prominence, it is possible to mistakenly employ the very same templates as a competitor. 


BuzzSumo is a smart tool that analyses hundreds of pieces of content to provide detailed information to businesses that use it. You may use it to learn more about what content is effective and why, as well as which influencers can help you raise awareness.

This means you will be able to discover what sort of content is most effective for you, allowing you to develop more of the same. You can locate the right people to assist you to get more users to view your content and generate more web traffic by choosing the ideal influencers.

There is a free trial available, but BuzzSumo does not offer a free version after the trial duration has elapsed. For new or smaller businesses, the cost may be prohibitive. It also lacks data for new websites, making keyword research challenging.


Copyscape is a plagiarism detection tool that allows you to see if the same content exists elsewhere on the internet. It can quickly detect sites that have plagiarised your work.

Simply input your link to see where your work has been replicated. It is mostly used by content owners to discover incidences of content theft and to identify which sites hoard the same contents. 


Hubspot is a branding, sales, and CRM platform that gives you all the tools you need to generate relevant content, optimise it, and get it in front of the appropriate audience. It is also widely regarded as the industry’s most efficient marketing automation platform. 

HubSpot has a lot of features, most of which are welcome to try. A smart form builder, popup tools, and an exclusive WordPress marketing plugin are just a few of the features available. In addition to these features, HubSpot offers a world-class content management system (CMS) that enables you to organise everything under a free CRM.

Google Analytics 

Finally, this is a wonderful tool for figuring out what is up with your site. This tool provides relevant information about your visitors, from which pages are the most popular to how people find your website and who visits it. As a site admin, you may quickly see general statistics such as page views, and traffic sources, among other things.

Additionally, you can use Google Analytics to monitor certain tasks or data by creating custom objectives and events. You can hook them up individually, and there are plenty of internet resources to assist you master custom variables. In other circumstances, though, configuring these variables can be difficult. If you tell your marketing or website agency what you want to track, they should be able to suggest the best alternatives for you.


It is crucial to underline the necessity of having others review your content. Clients typically already recognise what information users require and have that content on their sites. Many others, on the other hand, believe that having the appropriate content on their website is enough. However, how you convey the information is just as significant, if not more so. It is all about evaluating your website through the eyes of your clients and ensuring that the information makes sense to them.

The perfect scenario would be if you could locate target users and have them confirm your content. If you can’t, you can simply ask non-expert colleagues, family members, or friends to visit your website and complete a task. Even just seeing them navigate and seek information on your website will enlighten you and give you ideas on how to optimize it that you would never think on your own.

Though these tools will assist you with basic and uncomplicated tasks, if you have sophisticated design or technical concerns, you may require professional assistance to analyse and coach you on how to proceed. Please feel free to ask any questions or share any tools you are employing to improve your content.