How Do I Copy My WhatsApp Link To My Instagram Business Page?

Among the many activities you can do on Instagram, running your own business is definitely a great activity to ensure growth and success not just of your business but of your individual self as well. Instagram is laden with innumerable big and small business pages of all nature. 

Small business owners, influencers, and many other companies have expanded their business extensively by using Instagram’s engaging features. According to surveys conducted by Instagram business departments, 90% Instagram users follow business pages. However, one problem that both business owners and customers face is the option of having a direct conversation. 

Customer messages may sometimes get lost while running the business page on Instagram and potential customers have expressed their desires to be able to reach out to the business owners directly. According to GlobalWebIndex reports, 69% of users across the globe (excluding China) are WhatsApp users. Therefore, one of the best ways to do this is by getting in touch on WhatsApp. 

The new features and upgrades of WhatsApp allow you to integrate it with several social media platforms, and you can do the same on your Instagram page as well. It is now really easy to copy and add your WhatsApp link to your Instagram business page and make communication much smoother and convenient. Here’s how you can do it!

Adding Your WhatsApp Link to Your Instagram Business Page 

Before we move on to explaining the procedure you have to follow to copy your WhatsApp link, you need to remember that Instagram does not allow more than one clickable link on the business profile. You can add it in the bio section of your Instagram business profile. However, this issue is resolved in one of the two methods mentioned below.

Here’s an interesting fact that can help you understand how beneficial WhatsApp can be: WhatsApp users are from over 180 countries and it is available in over 60 languages! 

Adding Link Directly To The Page 

The first method or procedure is related to adding the link of your WhatsApp account directly on Instagram. Like we mentioned above, you can only add one clickable link at a time in the Instagram profile bio. So if you decide to add it directly through this method, you would not be able to add other links such as your website or store links.

You can add your link using the WhatsApp URL. The default URL is:[yourphonenumber

Here are some easy steps:-

  1. Copy the WhatsApp default URL and paste it on your clipboard or notes section.
  2. Replace the [yourphonenumber] part of the URL with your actual contact number.
  3. Make sure there are no other characters in this URL.
  4. The “+” sign that is added before the country code needs to be removed.
  5. Go to your Instagram business page and tap on the “Edit Profile” button.
  6. Add the URL you have created in the website section of the profile.

Once you have completed the above steps, you are good to go! We recommend you ensure that the link you have copied to the business page is working correctly and you can do so by asking your friends, family or colleagues to click on it and check if they are getting directed to your WhatsApp chat. 

Adding Link With The Help Of A Linking Tool

This method of adding the WhatsApp link with the help of a linking tool is the solution for the issue of only being able to add one link through the first method. With the help of a linking tool, you can add multiple links such as those of your website, YouTube channels, etc. as well as the WhatsApp link to your Instagram Business Page. 

Here’s another fact about businesses on Instagram: On a monthly basis, there are more than 130 million Instagram users that engage with shopping content and related posts on the platform! 

So how does the linking tool work?

When you use a linking tool for your Instagram page, it creates a separate link consisting of all the links you wish to add. You can also understand it as a separate small bio for your business page where you can add all the links that are related to your business at one place. It takes about 15 minutes to complete the process. However, the duration may vary depending on the tool you have chosen.

This method is widely preferred because it allows influencers and business owners to add as many links as they desire on their Instagram business page profile. Besides, there are no restrictions on the types of links either. You can add social media links, YouTube links, form links, website and store links, and more to just one clickable link created by the tool. 

Here’s how majority of linking tools work:-

  1. You first need to install the selected tool and create your account on their platform.
  2. Once you have created an account, explore the dashboard and the settings.
  3. You can utilise the customisation and account settings to complete the account set up process.
  4. Add your WhatsApp link in the link option given in your profile.
  5. Edit the title of the link to “WhatsApp Me” or any other name to ensure that users are clear about the links.
  6. Add any other links that you want to add in other link options.
  7. After adding all links, save the changes.
  8. Copy the clickable link of the tool and add it to your Instagram business page’s profile by choosing the “Edit Profile” option.
  9. Click on the link and check to ensure that it is directing the users to the different links you have added.
  10. Check individual links added in the tool link as well to make sure they are working correctly.

Some of the best link-adding tools in 2021 which you can use to add the WhatsApp account and other links to your Instagram business page are LinkTree, Leadpages, Campsite, Tap.Bio, ShortStack, and Shorby.

We hope you can now easily add your WhatsApp links to your Instagram business account. Is there anything else we can help you understand? Let us know and we will make sure that we get back to you with the best answers. Tell us about your favourite tool to add WhatsApp and other links to your business page in the comments section! 

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