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Clove Dental
Concern India
Pernord Richard
Oye Riskshaw

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Why does your business need Blockchain Development Solution?

Blockchain Development Solution

Blockchain technology was conceptualised in 2008. Since the arrival of technology on the horizon, technology has witnessed a very rampant boom. Especially in the past few years, they have become the buzzword in the world of technology. Not just this, blockchain technology has given rise to several Web 3.0 solutions like cryptocurrency development, NFT, Metaverse and others. Getting the blockchain development services for your business can have several advantages. The technology is gaining momentum and rising in demand because of the various benefits it offers. Industries like education, healthcare, logistics, banking, finance, and others are witnessing the power of blockchain technology solutions with their wide range of applications. Here is how by getting blockchain development services for your business you can improve its growth:

Improved Traceability

Blockchain technology has made it possible for users to authenticate any transaction which takes place over blocks of the network that are interconnected with each other. Blockchain eliminates the need for third-party processors for hosting, managing and handling the data. The transactions over a blockchain can be easily monitored over every phase.

Improved Security

The data hosted over any blockchain network is immutable and cannot be tampered with. Blockchain technology maintains end-to-end encryption of data. Tampering with such data nearly becomes impossible in the absence of any authorisation. To tamper with any given block would require tampering with the entire network of the block. This is nearly impossible!

Improved Scalability

Blockchain technology solutions improve the scalability of businesses by making it convenient for businesses to hold large scale transactions with ease. With blockchain development solutions in place, you can handle and manage a large bundle of data. This data can also be integrated with a wide range of technology solutions allowing the business to process and monitor them as per their use.

Improved Transparency

The distributed ledger of blocks in a blockchain records identical data, which can be accessed with proper authentication. This hence improves the transparency of processes by hosting all types of data in a single location. Blockchain technology eliminates the risks of fraud by maintaining an entire history of transactions that takes place over any blockchain network.

Speed and Efficiency
Improved Speed and Efficiency

Blockchain technology has made it possible for companies to maintain a clean record of data that can be accessed and managed instantly. With data stored over a single location, the scope of human intervention and thus the error is completely eliminated. This hence improves the ability of the organisations to manage data in a better manner. This results in the improved efficiency and productivity of the users causing organisations to improve their effectiveness.

Banking and Finance

Education & Learning

Fashion & Lifestyle

Logistics and Transport

Healthcare and Medicare

Food & Beverage

Internet Of Things


Real Estate



Blockchain & NFTs

Why Choose Expand My Business for Blockchain Development?

Payment Security Payment Security

The greatest benefit of getting your blockchain development needs from Expand My Business is that you can be totally rest assured of the security of your payments. With our Escrow Payment Security Solution, we govern your risks of payment faults, forgery, delays, and defaults. Given the scope of project costs involved in blockchain development projects, this is one of the most important benefits to base your project management needs. We take the planned approach of designing, consulting, and seeking your approval on milestone deliverables. Furthermore, our project managers ensure that these deliverables are duly accomplished, and your payments are processed after every milestone to your satisfaction.

budget friendly Budget Friendly

The blockchain development services offered by Expand My Business are well capable of working on your customised budget range. With our wide pool of verified partner agencies and vendors, we on-board the best-suited partner to work on your blockchain project. This is the greatest benefit of transacting with Expand My Business when no other blockchain development company can offer flexible pricing to deal with their clientele. The consultants of Expand My Business, on the other hand, help you curate your Scope of Work and offer a wide array of options to choose from. This way, with our end-to-end project management solutions, we guarantee the success and quality of the project and guarantee you the achievement of your deliverables at the budget and price you demand.

project delivery Project Delivery

Unlike any other blockchain development company, we manage your project end-to-end. With our product solutions, you can look over the progress of the project milestone and consult our delivery managers with your expectations, needs, and requirements for the complete delivery solutions of your project. Given the complexities involved in getting a blockchain solution developed, it is important that you have the necessary control and command over the project deliverables. Our focus is to help you bring peace and relief in life where your business can focus on its core competencies. We help you get delivered by managing your end-to-end expectations.

Expertise and Experience Right fit of expertise and experience

Expand My Business has the right fit of expertise and experience in working on blockchain development projects across India and the world. In our pool, we have on-boarded partner agencies who can work on the project needs across businesses, industries, verticals, and scales. Our on-boarding process for hiring any partner vendor is very stringent and systematic. Furthermore, during our first call, our consultants understand the entire scope of delivering blockchain development services for your needs.

consultancy Consultancy

Our tech consultants have rich experience in handling blockchain development project requests for businesses in varying industries. The use of the blockchain application differs from industry to industry. This is why the expertise of a blockchain expert is necessary to have a deep sense of understanding of your business and the blockchain development solutions that can meet them best. Our tech consultancy services are free of cost. We help you guide and manage your project at every stage and level of the project.

development and marketing Development and Marketing

There is no single blockchain software company in the market that can offer both blockchain development and marketing solutions. The novelty of our services is that we empower businesses by providing them with a one-stop solution for all their digital needs! With our blockchain development services, we help businesses grow and boom by offering both developments as well as marketing solutions for their blockchain project.

supply We have the largest blockchain supply in the country

Expand My Business offers the most reliable blockchain development solutions by having cracked the largest supply of blockchain solutions in India. We have under our ambit expert developers and companies who can get your project delivered based on your budget and timelines expectations.

Hiring the Blockchain Development Company with the Right Skillset

  • One of the most important criteria for choosing your best blockchain development company is to ensure that the company has a matching industry experience. A blockchain developer must have a thorough understanding of the business context in which the technology must be developed.
  • Having an entrepreneurial mindset is one of the other important requirements which can help you gauge success with your blockchain development needs.
  • The most crucial factor in determining the viability of the blockchain development company is to work within your determined budget range and ensure the quality of delivery well within timelines.
  • One of the other most important tasks for getting your blockchain development solutions built is the ability of the blockchain development software company to look after legal considerations and ensure adherence to regulatory compliances.
  • With all this, it becomes nearly impossible for any business or individual to find the most suited solution for the blockchain project needs. Blockchain development companies also must have an edge in offering solutions for the development and marketing of Web 3.0 technologies like cryptocurrency development and NFT Development.
  • This is where the role of Expand My Business comes into shine in helping you stay abreast with the best practices of the industry, which brings ease to your life! Our end-to-end delivery solutions of blockchain development services are meant to abridge the gaps in the world of technology that have existed so far.
  • Our solutions are not just meant to tackle the wide range of risks and complexities involved in a development project. But rather, our commitment is to empower the masses from our consultancy, payment security, and delivery management solutions that bring a stop to the range of hassles, challenges, and risks associated with any digital project.

How do we process your Blockchain Development Service request?

  • Our consultant reaches out to you to understand the scope of work and specific blockchain development requirements.
  • Our proprietary algorithm shortlists the best vendors and agencies on the basis of the type of website required, target software, industry, niche, and budget.
  • Meetings are then aligned with the shortlisted vendors and agencies to discuss the scope of development and finalise the best service provider.
  • After the settlement and signing of the Business Contract, a project manager is assigned to your project.
  • The Key Account Manager (KAM) looks into the entire scope of work and aligns the development life cycle accordingly.
  • The KAM ensures the deadlines are met, and payments are complete to ensure the timely delivery of your requirements.

Challenges of getting Blockchain Development Services without EMB

Untested Code Untested Code

We follow a customer-centric and systematic approach when it comes to processing your blockchain development service requirements. The vendors across the globe are gradually adopting the new medium of technology with their development solutions. With the blockchain development solutions, it is imperative that only experienced hands take over the project requirements. With blockchain development, there is hardly any scope for experimentation. Blockchain developers must be equipped with the best practices of the industry and must be aware of the technical know-how. At Expand My Business, we have got you covered by keeping our processes transparent. Right during the consultation stage of the project, we disclose the full details of our partner agencies along with the portfolio of work that they have done in the past. We follow a dedicated routine of performing Quality Checks at every level and stage of product development. Furthermore, we follow regular Testing practices time and again before the deployment of the project to find your satisfaction. This way, we ensure the quality of code and all related activities involved in the development stage of your blockchain.

Untested Code
Legal Risks
Legal Risks Legal Risks

Getting your project developed by an unverified vendor, agency or company can attract several legal risks. Development projects of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, are filled with legal complexities and nuances. Relying on the expertise of a trusted vendor is one of the primary tasks to prevent the possibility of such risks to arise. With our consultancy in the initial stage and the project management solutions in the latter part, we ensure the complete transparency of the process. We set up clarity with our clients throughout the process and help them stay abreast of any potential risks. The on-boarding process of our partner agencies is carried out by extensive research and background checks. Herein we establish that the necessary clearances and certifications of our partners are well in place. We ourselves follow a due diligence process of our partner agencies and vendors before recommending them to you and on-boarding them for your project.

Regulatory Risks

The various applications of blockchain technology, such as cryptocurrency development, tender the scope of a range of regulatory risks which must be managed. Choosing a reliable blockchain development company is important to maintain the success of your project. Expand My Business offers you the capability to manage these risks by taking account of these risks from the first day of your project. With our expertise in serving a clientele of both industry boomers and leaders, we have all the relevant expertise in tackling any operational risks and challenges. This way, we function with a complete sense of trust, reliability, and accountability to prevent the scope of such risks to factor.

Vendor Risks

Blockchain technology decentralises information and transfers the control of decision-making from any centralised authority to the group who have access to the network. This makes vendor-related risks prominent who can exploit the data for their malicious gain. In order to prevent such vulnerabilities, choosing reliable solutions for blockchain development is of utmost importance. Expand My Business has the largest supply of Blockchain Development Companies in India. With the abundance of options you can have through our platform. We hold a track record of getting the work done by employing the best hallmarks of quality. We indulge in all the needful on your behalf and help you alleviate any kind of vendor risks whatsoever.

Trust and Accountability Trust and Accountability

Our past work and experiences offer testimony to our work. Our solutions have set the benchmark for the industry and a legacy that has driven thousands of companies to witness infinite potential for growth and success. The most remarkable feature of our end-to-end delivery solutions is the levels of trust, credibility, and accountability we have built across serving clientele from diverse backgrounds and industries. Our processes are tech-driven, and through our platform, you can keep track of the real-time update of your project. Furthermore, our delivery managers and consultants maintain constant touch with partners and clients and are available 24*7 to handle all levels of queries and complexities you face during a project.

Trust and Accountability


What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger of networks interconnected in the form of interdependent blocks connected with each other. The technology records transactions digitally and maintains a secured record of data which is irreversible in nature. Every time a transaction is recorded in the blockchain, a block is filled, and it becomes part of the network chain in chronological order.

What technologies do you use for getting a blockchain developed?

Expand My Business blockchain developers are skilled at using a variety of technologies, but some of our top technologies are:- R3 Corda, Stellar, EOS, NEM, Ethereum, Multichain, Hedera Hashgraph, Hyperledger.

Why should I hire Expand My Business for blockchain development services?

Expand My Business is associated with blockchain developers in the market with expertise of over 15 years. They have been studying blockchain and working with the technology for several years to build their profound foundations. We can therefore provide you with the best blockchain technology solutions at absolutely cost-effective rates in this competitive market.

Is Expand My Business a Cryptocurrency Development Company?

Expand My Business offers an all-round range of development and marketing solutions for every type of Web 3.0 technology. We offer development and marketing solutions for projects like crypto and NFT along with blockchain, covering an entire range of your requirements.

What are the different blockchain development services offered by Expand My Business?

Expand My Business offers 360-degree blockchain development services ranging from cryptocurrency development, smart contract, coin trading, blockchain wallet development, ICO, NFT marketplace, tokenization, and all others.

Why Choose Expand My Business for Blockchain Development Services?

Payment Security

Budget Friendly

Project Delivery

Right fit of expertise and experience

Free Tech Consultancy

Combination of Development and Marketing Services

We have the largest supply of blockchain development companies in India


What is blockchain?

What technologies do you use for getting a blockchain developed?

Why should I hire Expand My Business for blockchain development services?

Is Expand My Business a Cryptocurrency Development Company?

What are the different blockchain development services offered by Expand My Business?